The Heartland Honey Bee Breeders Cooperative was formed during a queen program in June 2013 at Purdue University. It involves the cooperative sharing of information, techniques and disease-resistant genetics between queen producers in the states of Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Illinois. Returning each year for a Queen Insemination Event in early June, certified HHBBC queen producers bring virgin queens to Purdue University. Semen is harvested from Leg Chewer drones and then used to inseminate the new queens. Those inseminated queens then go back into each state’s queen breeding program and evaluated for the following year. Using the Laidlaw-Page Closed Breeding Model to help us all make rapid progress towards Varroa Mite resistant, gentle, productive, disease-resistant, non-Africanized queens that are locally adapted to the conditions in each state